5 Ways to Style A Blanket Scarf

Guest Editor

Posted on September 21 2016

How to tie a blanket scarf in different ways

By Our Guest Editor: Kayla Watkins from Kayla’s Five Things

It’s hard to believe fall is here, but one of my favorite things about the dropping temperatures is the necessity for layers. When shopping for my cooler-weather wardrobe, I often search for versatile and comfortable pieces to be paired with statement accessories. These make waddling around in my massive coat bearable and end up looking adorable once I shed the thing indoors.

The perfect examples of functional and versatile accessories are blanket scarves. They can take so many forms and still do a great job of keeping me warm and blocking my face from the cool breezes as I walk to work each day.

That being said, I rarely ever wear my blanket scarves the same way. Instead, I switch it up and take already fashionable accessories to the next level.

I used these two green and wine colored, ilymix scarves to showcase five different ways you can wear your blanket scarf this season. Check it out!

1. Knotted: This one looks far more complicated than it is. All you have to do is put it on like you do in #5 on this list then tuck the ends into the part around your neck. From there, you pull them in front of the triangle edge of your scarf and tie in a knot.

how to tie a blanket scarfhow to tie a blanket scarf

2. Infinity Scarf: Even with a scarf that ends, you can easily recreate this popular style by folding the scarf in a rectangle and wrapping it around your neck twice. Tuck the ends of the scarf in or tie at the back, depending on how well it wraps around.

how to tie a blanket scarfhow to tie a blanket scarf

    3. Belted shawl: This look keeps you a little warmer, because you drape your scarf over your shoulders and down to your hips. From there you use a thin, leather belt to cinch the shawl at your waist and give you some shape back.

    how to tie a blanket scarfhow to tie a blanket scarf

    4. THE EASIEST THING: If you want to go with a more traditional look, just drape the scarf around your neck. Blanket scarves make more of a statement and end up keeping you warmer like this than a regular scarf would.

    how to tie a blanket scarfhow to tie a blanket scarf

    5. Triangle drape: For the final style, fold your blanket scarf into a triangle and let the pointy end hang around your neck. Wrap the other ends around the opposite shoulder and pull apart and fluff for this look.

    how to tie a blanket scarf

    how to tie a blanket scarf

    Thank you for reading! Also please check our whole blanket scarf collections! You can choose from over 30 plaids and patterns!

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