An Accessory for the Cozy Days | + How to tie blanket scarves

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Posted on December 18 2017

An Accessory for the Cozy Days | + How to tie blanket scarves

The title says it all, there is nothing cozier than wrapping up in a blanket on a cold day – which is why I love blanket scarves so much! It is literally a cozy blanket you get to wear! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up draping my blanket scarf over my legs when I’m chilly. So because they are the perfect fall accessory I end up justifying every scarf purchase, as you have probably noticed by my fall outfits this year and last… I have so many.

I thought the colors in this scarf screamed thanksgiving/November! However, I will definitely wear it through October too. ILY Mix actually sent me this scarf and I was really excited because I also collaborated with them last year! It’s cool to see relationships continue in the blogging world. They sent me two scarves this year so I was wondering if you guys wanted to see a specific post for the next one? Such as different outfit ideas to pair blanket scarves with or how I tie them? Comment below!

ILY Mix was sweet enough to collaborate with me over the past two autumns to share their cute blanket scarves (…is “autumns” a word? haha). I shared one of them the other day and asked if anyone wanted to see how I tied my scarves! It’s actually pretty simple, but I always get questions so I wasn’t surprised when a lot of people requested I share!

  1. First things I do is fold it in half along the diagonal making it into a triangle.

  2. Next, I take it around my neck and criss cross the ends behind my back.

  3. They I just drape it over my shoulders and adjust as needed!

It ends up looking really big and full which is how I like it! See more photos of me actually wearing my scarves like this.


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