How A Scarf Completes A Fall Outfit

Guest Editor

Posted on October 08 2017

How A Scarf Completes A Fall Outfit

By Our Guest Editor: Amanda Bray from 5feetoffashion

Accessories can make or break your look. Not enough and your outfit can be boring, too many and you can look overdone. It’s a fine line between how many accessories to wear and the RIGHT accessories to wear. Luckily, once fall hits there is one accessory that helps make this decision easier: scarves.

Scarves can be such a saving grace when it comes to styling your look. They have so many benefits, options and uses, proving that they are one of the most valuable accessories we can own. However, many people may not realize this.

The most obvious feature scarves have to offer is warmth. This plaid fringed scarf literally feels as cozy and soft as a blanket, and keeps me equally as warm. Plus the fact that you can layer it over a simple tee or underneath a jacket or coat means that you don’t have to wait until the temperatures reach freezing in order to wear it.

Besides the layering effects, scarves can add color, pattern, and texture to an otherwise simple look. If you take this outfit, for instance without the scarf, it is just a t-shirt with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Nothing in this looks is particularly interesting and although it’s fine on its own, adding this buffalo plaid introduces an element of interest with print to the look, as well as texture with the bumpiness of the knit and fringe detail. Also, since there are so many different ways to tie a scarf (knotted around the neck, worn as a cape with a belt, draped over your shoulders, etc.) your look can change as often as you like.

Because there are so many options of scarves out there with many different patterns, colors, size, and material, there is no reason to have just one! You never know what scarf will be the completing factor for your look. That’s why you should check out the many scarves that ILYMIX has available. There are 40 different styles, all super fabulous and fall fashion ready.

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